by David Fhima

רבינו יהודה בר ברחיה הלוי

Rabbeinu Yehuda bar Berechya Halevi

Rabbeinu Yehuda bar Berechya Halevi (12th century)

Rabbeinu Yehuda bar Berechya was born and lived in Provence in Southern France. Was a nephew of Raza”h, the author of Baal Hamaor3. His father, Reb Berechya, was a Gadol in his own right and corresponded with Raza”h on Torah matters2. He was also an accomplished Paytan. Rabbeinu Yehuda also had a brother named Reb Yitzchak whose approbation is to be found on the Iggeret HaRamba”n2.

He authored a commentary on the Rif’s Sefer HaHalachos termed Shitas Riva”v1. It covers Masechet Berachot as well as most of the tractates in Seder Moed in it he quotes his uncle, as well as Rashi and the Ramba”m1,3.

This commentary was kept in manuscript form for around 600 years before finally being published in the Vilna Shas3.

 Some say he also authored a longer and more detailed commentary on the whole of the Talmud but this unfortunately has not come down to us3.

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