Rabbi Aaron Bassous Manhig Kehilatenu

Shabbat Timings

Parashat Ki Tisa 5th March

Erev Shabbat
5:32 pm   Candle lighting
5:15 pm   
Shir Hashirim
5:30 pm   
Mincha & Kabalat Shabbat
Shabbat Day Shacharit
5:44 am   Netz Shacharit in the Mezzanine (Netz @6:34am)
8:15 am   
Main Shacharit  
Shabbat Day Mincha
4:40 pm   Mincha
Seudah Shelishit at home
6:20 pm  
Darush given by the Rav Shlita
Motse Shabbat
6:40 pm   Arvit & Motsae Shabbat
8:30 pm   
Ein Yaakov Shiur
Weekday Timings

Week commencing Sunday 28th February

Shacharit Sunday
6:18 am   
Netz Shacharit (Netz @6:48 am)
7:45 am   Second Shacharit Followed by the Sunday Learning program with Rabbi Godlewsky

Shacharit Monday to Friday
3 Minyanim for Shacharit:
6:15/6:07 am:
Shacharit with Netz (Netz @6:45/6:37am) in the Mezzanine
7:00am (6:50 Mon & Thurs)         
Main Shacharit
7:30 am (7:20 Mon & Thurs)         
Third Shacharit in the Mezzanine
Mincha throughout the week
1:00 pm  Mincha
5:30 pm  Mincha & Arvit
(Approx 15 min before Shkiah)
Arvit throughout the week
7:45  pm  
Zmanim for Golders Green
Shiurim Program
Rabbi Bassous Daily Shiurim at 8pm

Sunday: Ben Ish Chai Shiur -   shiur on Hilchot Pessach by the Rav Shlita.

Monday & Wednesday: New Shiur on Hilchot Berachot given by the Rav Shlita.
8:00-8:45 pm: Chavruta Gemara Berachot 6th Perek.
8:45- 9:15 pm: Shiur Halacha Le'ma'ase on the Sugiyah by the Rav Shlita.

Tuesday: Chavruta night & Shiur on Navi given by the Rav Shlita.

Thursday: Parashat Hashavua Shiur given by the Rav Shlita
Daf Yomi: with Rav Gabi Tovim
Sunday: 6:30am
Weekdays: one hour before Netz minyan
Shabbat: one hour before Mincha
Early Morning Kollel
Sunday: 6:30am to 7:45am
Mon to Thurs: 5:45am to 7am
Winter Learning Program (with breakfast) Rabbi Godlievsky: every Sunday after Shacharit. Chavruta session followed by Halacha Le'ma'ase by Rav Godlievsky.
Mazal Tov's

Parashat Terumah
Mazal Tov to Shimon & Esther Buxbaum on the birth of a baby boy.

Parashat Mishpatim
Mazal tov to Moshe & Nancy Samuel on the birth of a baby girl.

Mazal Tov to Rabbi & Mrs Fhima on the Bar Mitzva of their son Yosef Chaim, and on the birth of a grandson.

Mazal Tov to Rabbi & Mrs Mordechai Cohen on the birth of a grandson.

Mazal Tov Rudy & Dalia Jacobs on the marriage of their son Yitzchak.

Covid-19 update
With the national lockdown coming to an end, minyanim and learning programs have now restarted B'H.
Please refer to the Trustee's email named "Reopening Guidelines" for the detailed guidelines which include the following points:
  • Face coverings are required by law to be worn in Shul. There are valid exemptions for some individuals. Relevant guidance on face coverings is available on GOV.UK
  • Please use your own siddurim/sefarim until further notice
  • Please maintain a good hand hygiene when entering the Shul
  • There is a maximum of 55 men in main Shul, 30 women in Ladies Gallery, 28 in Mezzanine, 4 in ground floor small prayer room and 13 in first floor small Bet Midrash

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