by David Fhima

Rabbeinu Boruch of Germaiza

Rabbeinu Boruch of Germaiza (Worms, Germany)
Born to his father Reb Yitzchok around the year 4930 (1170) in Worms, Germany.
He emigrated to and lived in France and later returned to Worms, Germany. Studied under Ri Hazaken in Dampierre and later authored the authoritative Halachic work Sefer Hateruma, Toasafot to some Masechtot as well as a commentary to the Mishna of Masechet Tamid. He was a contemporary and friend of Rash Mishantz, another Talmid of Ri Hazaken.

The Mahari’’k in Teshuva 49 responds to a Rabbi who wished to argue with Rabbeinu Boruch and his Rebbe Ri Hazaken in the following way; ‘’ All the sages of Israel drink their waters…. And even if powerful convincing questions were raised against them that were agreed by all the sages of Israel today, even so we would not dare question their opinions, for it is granted that they had thought of all of these questions themselves and considered them insignificant. For who is the one in this (later) generation that can compare to them and would wish to slight them even like a dog who laps at the sea (a metaphor for even a minuscule slight) isn’t it known that they were like angels and we are not even like human or even like the donkey of Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair etc….’’.

There is a tradition that he was Niftar in Eretz Yisrael around the year 4971 (1211).

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